WildCamera Photography

WildCamera Photography

Hello! Salut! Hey! Ciao! Hola!

Welcome to the WildCamera world, my name is Kevin Hill and I'm a British Photographer.

For me, a great photograph needs a large dollop of feeling and oodles of connection. When I look at an image I want to be moved, to be whisked away and to be totally engaged. So, when I'm creating a landscape image I like to spend time wandering to get the feel of the place before I photograph it. I like to meet and chat with people long before I reach for the camera and when photographing animals I like to observe behaviours before capturing a single image.


Photography Takes You Places

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    Sam Filtness

    on Jan 29

    Kevin is a brilliant photographer! If anyone is thinking about someone for a wedding, portrait or artistic shoots, then I will point them to wild camera every time. He is a pleasure to work with - friendly, polite and professional. I now have ART on my wall at home instead of typical 'standard smile at the camera' wedding shots. Even though I've had these photos up for ages now, his pictures STILL seem to snag my attention in passing, forcing a little piece of the dream-world into my every day. Can't really put a price on that. It's not the camera either (although this helps, obviously). You should see what he can do with his phone cam!

  • Jo Harvey

    on Jan 15

    Kevin's landscape photography has always captivated me completely - his innate natural ability to take an ordinary scene and turn it into something quite magical is very much a gift, something rather impossible to teach. His images are almost ethereal, fairy tale like - the eye is completely consumed by the swirls of wild water and the blur of the night sky. I doubt I will ever tire of looking at these scenes.......

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